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“There is a time for everything…”

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens…” Ecclesiastes 3:1

Spring time is here! The Wikipedia describes spring or springtime as a period that involves, “…ideas of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth…” ( This is a season that is full of life and is also life giving. To mark the beginning of spring we change our clocks; what we normally call spring forward. With this done the excitement of spring begins. There is excitement for spring break and many other things that go on in spring. Already spring break is now over! Many people are already back from travels. Whether it is traveling to places for entertainment, for educational purposes, for family, and religious purposes; it is important to note that spring break is a period that is outward focused. But, spring cleaning is also here! Spring cleaning time, unlike spring break is inward looking or inward focused.

We associate spring time with new life, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth. As far as spring cleaning is concerned, activities are aimed at bringing a new look and freshness to our houses and other spaces (offices, church building, stores , etc.). This involves clearing away of all the clutter that gathers throughout the year, and especially all the stuff we accumulate during the cold weather as we try to keep ourselves warm. Following the clearing of our spaces we then engage ourselves in a very thorough cleaning exercise to bring a new life and renewal. We really need spring cleaning. All clutter must go!
The Lenten season is here too! And also during Lent all clutter must go from our lives too. We have to look inside of ourselves and make the all-important decision of what we have to let go. There are somethings in our lives we want to keep but we cannot keep holding onto if we need to receive new life, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth! This is why throughout these forty days of Lent ( which began on Ash Wednesday and will end on Holy Saturday), many Christians are engaged in spiritual disciplines prayer, fasting, reading scripture reading and giving up some things they were used to (like cellphone, pop, movies, eating out, etc.). Doing this will help them to let go some things in our lives and therefore receive spiritual renewal. We want to be rejuvenated spiritually. We want to grow spiritually. But it cannot just happen just like that! Like with spring cleaning; let us decide what must go and let us get into the actual spring cleaning. “Lent is a time of repentance, fasting and preparation for the coming Easter. It is a time of self-examination and reflection.” (


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