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Faith & Finances-Apportionments

Marla Nispel is co-treasurer for Caldwell UMC, and volunteers her time to bring faith and finances together in an understandable way for us!


What are Apportionments and how do they affect our Conference and the finances of the Caldwell UMC?

Income for the Great Plains United Methodist Conference comes from two income sources – Mission Shares and Mission Agency Support.  As a member of this Conference, the Caldwell UMC is expected to participate in funding at a level established by the Conference for
these two areas.

The funding plan for Mission Shares (apportionments)  is based upon the Biblical tithe, which means the Caldwell UMC is expected to give  10 percent of our church’s total operating income each month to the Conference.   The Conference uses the member funds to support the expenses of the Bishop’s residence and committee functions; campus work; camp and youth ministries; work with under- served populations; new church starts; office personnel and program expenses.  Additionally the Mission Shares are used to support disaster recovery efforts, pension and health benefits for Pastors and various administrative services.

Each Great Plains Conference church is also asked to contribute an additional 1 percent of their income toward Mission Agency Support.  This includes some Wesleyan institutions, United Methodist Open Door in Wichita and Wesley House in Pittsburg, Kansas, to name a few.

What does all this mean for the Caldwell United Methodist Church?  Well it means that based upon past annual giving averages, we are expected for 2017 to send $798.33 to the Great Plains Conference each month as our share of Apportionments.

Hopefully this helps to explain Apportionments and provides another piece of the puzzle into Methodist Church finances.  Please know that the Caldwell UMC Board works very hard to be good stewards of the funds that are provided to do God’s work.  As always if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact either Linda Nulik, Board Chair or Amy Futhey, Treasurer.

Marla Nispel, Co-Treasurer


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