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Let’s Talk about Faith & Finances

Marla Nispel is co-treasurer for Caldwell UMC, and volunteers her time to bring faith and finances together in an understandable way for us! Here is the first addition of Faith & Finances!

Let’s Talk About Faith and Finances

Should we be talking about money in church?  Writing about money in the newsletter? Is it okay to discuss finances in relationship to our faith?  We may not all agree on the answers to these questions, but we can all agree that having enough resources (time, talents, and money) to keep our church running smoothly is important.

The talents in our church are endless –  music, sports, cooking, crafting, teaching, caring for others and even serving on church committees. 

Time is a precious gift from God.  Some receive more than others and we all have to decide how best to use this precious resource.

So what about money?  Well…money is an important resource for any church.  Money pays to keep the lights on, keep us comfortable during services, buys all kinds of supplies from cleaning to meal service, pays for insurance, water, trash, and equipment repair.  Money also pays our church Apportionments (a percentage of giving that funds mission work in the greater UMC), and of course money is necessary to reimburse our part-time secretary and janitor, and our Pastor for their time and attention to the church.

So here are some financial facts for your consideration.  The average monthly expenses of the Caldwell UMC are $9,500.00
.   That means our membership needs to contribute an average of $9,500.00 every month or an average of $2,200.00 each Sunday in order to maintain a positive checking account balance at the bank and pay the bills we owe.   We do not receive any money to operate our church building or pay our monthly expenses, beyond the generous and faithful giving of our congregation and friends.  We are presently receiving between $6,000 and $7,000 monthly in tithes and offerings.

Please note – when we come together for Mission Impossible Meals to raise funds for special projects, this additional giving opportunity is not intended to replace the offering you would give to the church during services.   We have noticed a decline in tithes and offerings that corresponds with the Mission Impossible opportunities and just wanted to bring this to everyone’s attention.   Your very generous giving to the Missions of this church is genuinely appreciated.

Please prayerfully consider how God may be leading you to share your resources with the Caldwell UMC, whether that be your time, talents or your money.

Marla Nispel, Co-Treasurer


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