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Heritage Sunday-Gweneth Reeder West

Heritage Sunday is a day for United Methodist congregations to reflect on our heritage, to celebrate where the church has been, how it understands itself as it shapes us today and the meaning of Christian conferencing.

At Caldwell UMC, we’re celebrating through the stories of our some of our longest members, or church family members who have Methodists longest. We know you’ll be blessed by the stories shared during this time!

From Gweneth Reeder West-

Literally all my life. I went to a country school, Springdale 14 miles SW of Caldwell. A quarter mile south was the Springdale church across the road from the cemetery where my great grandfather was buried in 1896. The church was called Springdale Methodist Church. HOWEVER, I doubt any affiliation with the Methodist church as we know it now. I remember crying after a revival meeting as I was confused about all that was happening. My brother, Glenford, was so frightened by Mrs. Sheldon that he said he didn’t want to go to heaven if she was there!!
When I was in high school, I stayed my freshman year with my aunt and my sophomore year with my grandmother. My folks moved to Caldwell my junior year. Since my piano teacher, Mrs Helen Dodson, was the organist at the Methodist church, I went there as did my grandparents and aunt. I always said I attended the ME church because it had the only pipe organ in town!! I would estimate I became a member in 1948.
By the way,my parents were married by Mrs. Crawford in 1928. I find it interesting that a woman was serving a church back then.
A few years later, an evangelist had a revival three miles east of our church/school at Sunnyside Church. That brought a change in my life as my McDonald family became members of the Church of God but my Ancell relatives stayed with the Springdale church. Later the Sunnyside church members built the Church of God (wood framed building on South Main) which is now the present brick building.


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