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Carl Chinn bringing Active Shooter Workshop to Caldwell UMC January 4th at 7 pm!

Carl Chinn is an authority on security operations and readiness in faith-based organizations (primarily churches). He speaks to law-enforcement, security professionals and ministry leaders. His website ( is used by ministries and law enforcement to develop and improve operational resilience and interfaith / inter-agency cooperation. His book “Evil Invades Sanctuary is available on his website and at

Chinn has participated in White House conference calls, serves on the ASIS Houses of Worship committee, is a sector chief for the FBI Denver Infragard program and a speaker for the U.S. Attorney’s Colorado Office PHOW (Protecting Houses of Worship) events. He has been an expert witness, testified before state legislators and is often interviewed by written and broadcast media regarding violence at churches.

Chinn is the President of the Faith Based Security Network (FBSN). The FBSN is a public charity committed to improving the safety of American communities by inspiring faith based organizations to be intentional about the security of their people. The FBSN advocates for churches to work with other faiths and their local law enforcement to form a coalition. The FBSN helps develop and connect such coalitions across the U.S. to improve best practices and share information on real threats.

Chinn will be speaking at the Caldwell United Methodist Church at 100 W. Central Avenue, Caldwell, KS  67022 on Thursday night, 1/04/18. The time of the event is 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM. There is no charge, but a collection will be taken for the Faith Based Security Network. 

If you or someone from your organization is interested in learning more about church security, please feel free to join us on January 4th for Carl’s presentation.  Refreshments will be available.  Questions can be directed to Marla Nispel, Linda Nulik, Jeanine Bevan, Pastor Jacob Maforo or emailed to