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Parent Power is a new ministry @ Caldwell UMC! This ministry is designed to create a community of empowered and well resources parents/caregivers. Parent Power holds 4 sessions per school year (and more if there is interest). Our sessions this year include:

August 21st 1:00 pm @ Caldwell UMC-Session 1: Screens and Teens

Here are the handouts from session 1:  parent-power-goals / truths / changing-our-vocabulary / changing-our-vocabulary-2 /  why-technology-has-changed-our-kids /  why-technology-has-changed-our-kids-2  / parent-power-resources-vol-1

October 23rd 1:00 pm @ Caldwell Library Teen Room-Session 2: What’s going on with my teen?

February 5th 1:00 pm @ TBD- Session 3: Building our Village

May 21st 1:00 pm @ TBD- Session 4: How to Connect

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