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Called to serve?

If you are interested in serving with Caldwell UMC, we encourage you to fill out the contact form below! God has blessed each of us useful and fruitful gifts! Let us know what you’re being called to do or where your interests are! We look forward to serving with you!

Greeting and Welcome- are you gifted at making people feel welcome? Do you have a warm smile and an easy time talking to new people?Ministry Leading-are you gifted with a heart for people? Are you good at identifying areas of need? Do you have a vision for a new or better way for our church to accomplish its mission? Are you a gifted leader?Worship- are you gifted musically? Vocally? Are you gifted with technology and sound knowledge? Are you gifted at working behind the scenes making sure things run smoothly? Are you a gifted speaker?Children/Youth- Do you have a heart for the young? Are you gifted with patience, creativity, and a hunger for fun?Missions- are you gifted with a serving heart? Are you gifted with out of the box, creative thinking? Are you gifted with your hands and creating? Are you blessed with a heart for the broken, the least, or the lost?Development-Are you gifted with ideas? Do you have creative visions and past experiences to help shape the future? Are you gifted at identifying areas of improvement?